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Art.1. UGAL INVENT 2017 Exhibition and Conferences is organised by the “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati and its partners, and will take place in Galati, 19-20 October 2017. The exhibition space will be organised in the main hall of the “Dunarea de Jos” University of Galati, Str. Domneasca 47, 800008 Galati.
Art. 2. Invited to participate in the UGAL INVENT Exhibition are persons and companies, institutions, associations, universities, private or state organisations presenting inventions protected by intellectual property titles, which were obtained no longer than 5 years ago, patent applications and MSc, PhD or other research projects.
Art.3. UGAL INVENT Exhibition allows the submission of inventions falling under the following categories:
  • - Mechanics - Motors - Machines - Equipment - Industrial procedures - Metallurgy
  • - Informatics - Computers - Electronics - Electricity - Communication devices
  • - Sanitation facilities - Ventilation facilities - Heating and cooling installations
  • - Agriculture - Horticulture - Gardening
  • - Medicine - Surgery - Orthopaedics
  • - Teaching methods and materials
  • - Means of transportation - Vehicles - Ships - Airplanes
  • - Food - Beverages - Cosmetics - Hygiene materials - Medication
  • - Sport - Leisure
  • - Publicity - Printing - Packages - Packaging
  • - Environment protection - Energy
  • - Materials, Advanced Materials, Biomaterials and Nanomaterials
Art.4. The inventions may be presented as demonstrative or commercial samples, as prototypes, models, plans, drawings, photographs, texts.
Art.5. The inventions will be presented in the Official Catalogue of the Exhibition, which will be available online at the following address   In the official catalogue, the inventions will be grouped according to the domain they were submitted in.
Art.6. In order to participate in the exhibition, the participants should fill in a registration form serving as a participation request, with the invention they wish to exhibit. An individual form will be submitted for each invention presented. The requests will be sent to the Showroom Secretariat and will be dealt with in the order of their registration, in keeping with the spaces available.
Art. 7. The Organising Committee informs the applicant if the participation request has been approved by the event secretariat. On this occasion, the Exhibition secretariat sends the participant the general instructions on the respective stand’s installation and removal date, on the inventions’ delivery and transportation (if the case may be), on the showroom programme, on the jurying and awards programme.
Art. 8. The text which describes the invention and is presented in the Exhibition Catalogue is drawn up in English. The responsibility for the accuracy of the text belongs to the exhibitor.
Art.9. A surveillance service will be available for the whole duration of the exhibition. The Organising Committee of UGAL INVENT Exhibition has no responsibility regarding loss, theft, deterioration caused by fire, accidents suffered by the exhibition participants for the whole duration of the Exhibition.
Art.10. By registering for the Exhibition, the exhibitor undertakes to present the invention during the period indicated in the instructions sent by the UGAL INVENT Secretariat. No invention can be withdrawn from the exhibition before the closing date of the event.